Project-Related Coaching Services

The Real Learning Begins When Class Ends

RMC's complete line of training for Project Managers, Business Analysts and Agile Practitioners provides your employees with new and more effective ways to do their jobs—with the goal of improving their on-the-job performance. Our experienced instructors provide practical, relatable solutions, and give students the opportunity to learn skills and ideas they can apply on their current projects immediately.

What Happens When Class is Over?

Our experienced and certified instructors make outstanding coaches who can work directly with students long after classroom training has concluded, helping them effectively utilizes tools, techniques and strategies to solve project and organizational-specific challenges. Access to coaching gives your employees the opportunity to bridge the gap between their newly-learned skills and their real-world project challenges, as well as obtain the feedback necessary for true mastery.

Coaching extends the learning process by giving students the guidance and support they need to transfer their new skills from the classroom to the workplace. Practice, feedback, adjustment and improvement are essential components of lifelong learning, and coaching from RMC will put your employees on the right learning path for long-term results.

Whether it is on site or through teleconferencing, our coaches can work directly with your learners to apply new knowledge directly to their current project. We do not do the work for them; we help them do for themselves.

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