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As organizations face change, there is a need for fresh thinking, perspectives and best practices. With this in mind, RMC has created a wide-range of resources that capture our insights and knowledge in the areas of Project Management, Business Analysis and Agile - and the increasing convergence of these practices. We hope these resources will elicit ideas, facilitate discussion and offer new approaches to apply to your projects.

Featured Resources:

6 Essential Elements of Effective Project Management: Delivering Projects On Time, On Budget, and In Scope

Studies have shown that challenges and unknowns associated with large-scale projects can negatively impact budget, timing and scope.

Organizations can reduce these risks by mastering the Six Essential Elements to Effective Project Management thus improving the reliability and quality of small or large projects.

Roles Defined: The Project Manager & the Business Analyst

Project Managers and Business Analysts professionals share similar skill sets. In this paper, learn how defining the differences in the PM and BA's work product increases productivity and delivers better project results.

Top 10 Agile Techniques Every Team Should Know

This article provides an overview of ten agile techniques, and illustrates how applying these techniques can increase team effectiveness and overall project management.

Tailoring Scope by Project

Maybe we cannot have just one model or standard set of definitions for all types of projects. As the project management discipline matures, we have discovered that different types of projects require different management. This whitepaper recommends that scoping should be tailored to the type of project and product being undertaken, rather than trying to design a standard scope statement or statement of work (SOW) for all projects.

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