Becoming Agile

Why Agile Transformation?

Organizational change can be daunting. Whether you are planning to transform the organization to one of the various Agile Methodologies or taking a more measured approach to make existing operations and process more lean and agile, RMC Learning Solutions can help you transition and transform through:

Real World, Real Results

Organizations have many reasons for wanting to adopt Agile practices. The high-level organizational benefits of Agile include increased collaboration among employees and customers, shorter project and product development timelines, greater team and departmental productivity, improved speed to market and many others. Whether your organization is considering a pilot program to determine if Agile is a good fit, or is already using Agile and looking to scale up to at the program or enterprise level, RMC can provide the necessary guidance and support from beginning to end. Our trainers, coaches and consultants can develop and execute an enterprise-view strategy to help your organization successfully roll out and scale Agile across departments and business units.

Becoming Agile

Agile for Individuals and Teams

At the individual level, RMC offers a variety of training options to prepare your employees for a productive and valuable role on an Agile team. Our training in fundamentals and advanced Agile topics can reinforce current practices for those with Agile experience, or develop a foundation for those who are new to the discipline. And at the team level, RMC can work with groups on applying Agile practices to initiatives of any size or complexity.

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Agile Across the Enterprise

Becoming Agile as an organization begins with changes in both culture and process. It also requires embracing a different set of values and principles, based heavily on collaboration and delivering customer value in shorter periods of time. RMC offers coaching, consulting and mentoring services to ensure stakeholders and internal champions fully understand, contribute to, and own the resulting Agile practices—and understand the key skills, terminology, tools and best practices that go along with them. We support the knowledge transfer with the goal to build your internal agile expertise to do the work yourself.

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